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Pretty much working
thank you for this!
For fast viewing, I think it's pretty much working.
at1344, May 2019

This is perfect, thank you.
at1331, May 2019

Guillermo Alberca
Wonderful PLUGGIN
I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your plug-in, it's wonderful. I am very happy with it. I can do practically anything I need for my woocommerce.

Decals Csutom
Thank you for your excellent work! The new version is working well on my website

I have been using Gravity Forms for calculating and this is awesome, I would love to be a UK RE Sellar of this product.
Many Thanks

Pro version is AMAZING
I’ve looked at other woocommerce calculators but this one is THE BEST and they provide demo examples of different ways to create excel formulas for your calculations.
I am able to use excel formulas to create my calculator.
This plugin is fantastic.
Very versatile and flexible.
There’s not a lot you can’t do with it.
Deserves 6 stars not 5. Well done developer for bossing it.
Very happy customer. Worth the money for Pro.

Excellent plugin with great support!
Needed some help with the Excel calculator, support desk helped me solving the problem!

Great plugin, awesome support!
We have been using the calculator for several weeks now. Especially positive is that the guys from Altos also help with the configuration of the excel calculator for a fair fee. Great praise and many thanks again at this point!

Great Plugin Great Support
Pro version is just incredible. Almost no limit for procust price calculation.

Not able to use after activating the plugin
Not able to use after activating because it requires installation and setup plugin of “WooCommerce” to see the option for this plug in. If this requirements was stated in the installation process it would have saved me hours of figuring this out myself.
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Great Plugin
It replaced about 3 paid plugins we needed to use to achieve the same result.

Very Powerful Plugin
Really great plugin. Took a little time to get my head around the excel sheets I needed to work with the plugin but works very well indeed. Also the great support on their Pro version is worth a mention. 2 thumbs up!!!

Truly Outstanding Service
I’d been looking for a custom calculator for over 2 years when I came across WooPrice Calculator (WPC). I’m not a web developer or techy sort, but I knew what I was looking for and contacted WPC team to see if their calculator would be able to fit my requirements. Within several emails I had hired them to create a customised calculator for my pricing structure. Their service is truely outstanding. Clear and accurate questions, can-do attitude, timely and detailed responses and regular availability. Within a week, my website has been handed back to me with a pricing structure to save me DAYS of repricing.

I can’t thank Enrico enough for being so incredibly helpful. I couldn’t be more delighted.

Potente plugin y gran equipo de desarrollo
Estoy muy contento con el soporte de Altos Web Solutions. Me estan ayudando a conseguir exactamente lo que buscaba en mi ecommerce.

Amazing product, Amazing support
I’m a beginner and I got this plugin to work very easily (I used the pro version that allows you to upload an excel file). But by buying the product, I also bought access to a remarkable customer support team. I needed help linking one of the product variables in the Price Calculator to Woocommerce’s inventory. The AWS Price Calculator team helped me and in less than 48 hours, not only had they succeeded in helping me, they integrated their solution for me as a new feature in their calculator! I made me so happy and so grateful for the individualized and above-and-beyond quality of customer support. Thank you so much. If I could give you 6 starts I would.

Amazing support for a VERY good plugin
This plugin is easy to use, powerful and fast. The PRO version of is a diamond in the rough of the wp plugin landscape. It delivers on all of it’s promises and packs a lot of punch in the way of functionality. It is well and truly worth the small purchase price. But the really amazing thing about it is the backing given by it’s developers. I stand in awe at the level of support that I have received for this product. They are absolute legends. The lengths they went to to accommodate my requirements were well above and beyond any expectations I may have had. If I had to pick the best feature of this product it would definitely be the support. Thank you Enrico for your time and effort.

The BEST Price Calculator for WordPress
This team has developed an amazing product! Saves me thousands of hours in code and time. This should be called the Ultimate Price Calculator because it mixes web with traditional desktop office application (Excel).

Get the PRO version for incredible and amazing support.

Excellent plugin. Awesome support.
Simple and powerful plugin. Saves hours of work creating product variants. Fantastic live chat support as well. Highly recommended!

Really Good plugin and best Support!
The plugin work perfectly and the support was super!They resolve all my doubts and help me with something I needed to do ?
Its recomended!!

El plugin funciona perfectamente y el servicio de soporte mejor que mejor, me solucionaron todas las dudas e incluso me ayudaron a hacer lo que necesitaba.

Lo recomiendo!

Brilliant plugin and superb support!
Beats all the other similar plugins by a mile..very simple to use and great support.

Fantastic Support!
Best Support I ever experienced! I got more than two houres personal guided through the calculation functionality. Before that I got answered a lots of questions within the forum.
Thanks a lot!

Great plugin and support.
The best solution for product price based on measurements.
Thank you so much for helping us out with everything


Awesome plugin :-)
In the beginning the plugin doesn’t work in my theme, but the support helped me out!
Now it’s works perfectly!!!

Thank you for the awesome support!!!!

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Very useful plugin and excellent support
The plugin is extremely useful and surprisingly powerful when it comes to custom formulas. I had a bit of trouble setting up a pretty complicated one using the Pro version, but the Support fixed it in a day and even went the extra mile to fill in all the values. 5 stars, well earned.

Fully functional plugin and Awesome support team
I’m using the plugin for very complicated calculations using Excel sheet.

The support team helped me a lot for creating the calculator and even they issued many updates to make my calculator works with all the functions same as my excel sheet. Works like a charm!

Thank you Altos Web Solutions team.

Brilliant Plugin
What a fantastic plugin, very easy to use and will accommodate any calculation needed via the spreadsheet input. I needed some help with my pricing table and the support was superb, very quick to respond and helped me out enormously.

I would highly recommend this plugin and the pro version is worth purchasing.

That it great plugin.
Easy to use, easy to implement to my product and I love plugin better after upgrade to PRO version it can work on excel for formula, and next feature is can apply that formula to category.

next this is suggestion for developer.
I hope next feature is
– can edit excel via back-end website.
– can edit formula from each product page.
– calculate weight also
– support all web-service

and one thing I’ll suggest guest for buy PRO plugin are this plugin is have support 24 HR. quick support and can answer the question.

Amazing plugin, amazing development team!
I was so worried when we received a request to have extensive back-end calculations for our WooCommerce store. So glad I came across this plugin! The staff has been EXTREMELY responsive to my inquiries and trouble shooting any problems I had. Not sure what I would have done without this plugin! Awesome job!

Ottimo, funzionante e molto utile.

Fantastic plugin
I’m creating a full service printing website with many, many variables and options. The Wooprice calculator is just what I needed. I’m pretty good with Excel and this plug in allows me to write complex Excel spreadsheets and use them on my website. I’ve had a couple of small issues with the plugin on my site but the team at Wooprice is excellent and solved my problems right away. If you are in need of a truly flexible eCommerce solution go with the Wooprice Calculator Pro. GREAT JOB GUYS!

Very easy but powerful
easy to install & configure but very powerfull.

Excellent customer care.
They have listened to my feedback and improved the plag-in

This allows to use the full power of Excel to calculate prices in WordPress.
I’m extremely pleased of the development team efficiency solutions.
After upgrading to PRO this product allows you to create almost any calculator for WordPress in 5-30 minutes. Including the price lists based on the table.
I sincerely hope further development of the project and I wish good luck to the developers.

Excellent product options plugin
Great Plugin !
Effective and easy to use!

simple plugin to use
save lot of many on premium woocomerce plugins



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