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WPC Image Logic User Manual

3 - Usage

You can add product images by following these steps:

  1. Click on the "Calculator" tab
  2. Click on the drop-down "Edit" button of your calculator where you want to apply the Product Image Logic
  3. Click on "Product Image Logic"
  4. In this page, you can add new images by clicking on "Add Rule". Each image has its own associated rule. If rule conditions are met the associated image will be shown to the customer.
  5. After clicking on "Add Rule" a popup window will be displayed where:
    • Name: A descriptive name of the rule
    • Image: The Wordpress Media Library will open by clicking on the image. Select the image you want to display.
    • Rules: Create the rule that makes the image appear on the WooCommerce Product Page. The rules follow the same behavior of the Conditional Logic
  6. Click on "Save" to create the new rule
  7. You need to enable the Product Image Logic feature by clicking on "Enable Product Image Logic" on the Product Image Logic form. If you want to disable it, you need to click on "Disable Product Image Logic".
Note: If you set two or more non-strict rules only one image will be shown. For example:
  • Rule 1: Set Image="Picture_1.png" when "Height >= 100"
  • Rule 2: Set Image="Picture_2.png" when "Height >= 300"
As you can understand if the customer put "Height = 500", both rules are met. So only one of this will be the winner. In this case, you can "strict" your rules:
  • Rule 1: Set Image="Picture_1.png" when "Height >= 100 AND Height < 300"
  • Rule 2: Set Image="Picture_2.png" when "Height >= 300"


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