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Woo Price Calculator User Manual

15 - Translations - WPC

15.1 - Frontend Translation

You can translate product fields, labels, drop-down items and fields.

To translate a language just create or edit a file (e.g: "en_US.php", "fr_FR.php", "it_IT.php") in: “/wp-content/uploads/woo-price-calculator/translations”

You'll find an existing example like below:

return array(
	'label1' => 'label1_EN',
	'label2' => 'label2_EN',
	'item1' => 'item1_EN',
	'item2' => 'item2_EN',

For example "en_US.php":

return array(
	'height' => 'Height',
	'width' => 'Width',

For example "it_IT.php":

return array(
	'height' => 'Altezza',
	'width' => 'Larghezza',

You can also translate text on the website front-end, for example the Edit Cart Button, the text regarding a Not set field, see the table below:

Translate KeyDefault Value (en_US)DescriptionKeywords
element.not_set Not set The text displayed when a field is empty in Cart, Checkout and Order Details None
wpc.cart.edit Edit Text of the edit button in the cart None
wpc.cart.price Price Price label displayed on the edit modal in the cart None
wpc.cart.cancel Cancel Label of the "Cancel" button on the edit modal in the cart None
wpc.cart.modal.title Edit of %product_title% Label displayed on top of the edit modal in the cart %product_title% = The name of the product Choose an option Shop button label used to redirect the user to the product page None

15.2 - Backend Translation

To translate the WPC backend you can copy the file located at “/wp-content/plugins/woo-price-calculator/admin/awspricecalculator/Language/en_US.php” and create a new language file in the same folder (ex: "fr_FR.php", "it_IT.php", "de_DE.php").

You need to open the PHP file and edit the labels. The backend file format is the same as the frontend file format.

Important Note: For the backend translations, if you upgrade your WPC version you will lose the edits so please make a backup copy or you can send us your translation file to "" so we can add it for next updates.


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