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Woo Price Calculator User Manual

6.1 - More on Output Fields - WPC

This feature is available only with WPC Pro. If you need this feature please consider upgrading to Pro.

Output Fields allow you to display extra information for your visitors. The information is got from your Excel file and can be numeric (ex. discounts, taxes, additional fees) or text (ex. "You get a discount of 20%"). This information can be fixed or dynamic if you use excel formulas to calculate it.

In order to create an Output Field, if you have already created a calculator (if you didn't already please follow the instructions here):

  1. Hover the mouse on WooCommerce and click on WooPrice Calculator
  2. Click on the Fields tab
  3. Click on the New Field button
  4. Give your field a name by typing it in Field Label and change Field Mode as Output
  5. Save your field by clicking on Save

Secondly, add your Output Field to your calculator:

  1. Click on the Calculator tab
  2. Click on Edit of your calculator
  3. From the Output Fields list click on your desired output field. You should move your field from the left to the right in order to add it to your calculator:

    Adding Output Field to Calculator

  4. Click on Save to save the calculator

Lastly, map your Output Field to your Excel cell:

  1. Click on the Calculator tab
  2. Click on the dropdown of your calculator and click on Edit Mapping:

    Calculator Dropdown

  3. Map the field by clicking on your desired cell then click on the option Output Cell and select your output field from the list:

    Mapping Output Field in Calculator

  4. Click on Ok button
  5. Click on Save to save your calculator.
If you need more information on every output field property, please check here.


Some example using Output Fields:


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