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Woo Price Calculator User Manual

6.4 - How to Overwrite Quantity Field

This feature is available only with WPC Pro. If you need this feature please consider upgrading to Pro.

If your Excel file contains formulas based on Quantity then it's very likely you need to overwrite the WooCommerce Quantity Field. This feature is also compatible with the WooCommerce Stock Management feature.

Two main things will happen:

  • The default WooCommerce Quantity Field will be hidden.
  • A selected WPC Input Field will be shown instead.

You can overwrite the WooCommerce Quantity Field very easily, by following these steps:

  1. You need to create a calculator by follow the instructions here.
  2. Create a normal Input Field which will be used as a Quantity Field by following the instructions here
  3. From WooCommerce > WooPrice Calculator click on the Calculator tab
  4. Select your calculator by clicking on Edit
  5. From Input Fields click on your quantity field to move it on the right:

    Add Quantity Field to Calculator

  6. Change the Overwrite Quantity property from No to your quantity field.
  7. Click on Save in order to save your calculator.

If you don't need to map your quantity field or if you have already mapped it, you can skip this step, otherwise:

  1. Click on the Calculator tab
  2. Click on the dropdown of your calculator and click on Edit Mapping

    Calculator Dropdown

  3. Map your quantity field by clicking on your desired cell then click on the option Input Cell and select your field from the list:

    WPC Mapping Overwrite Quantity Field

  4. Click on the Ok button
  5. Click on Save to save the mapping.


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