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Hika Price Calculator User Manual

9 - Conditional Logic - HPC

Through this, you can show or hide HPC fields based on the other field values. If you want to enable the conditional logic:

  1. Click on the drop-down button of your HPC calculator:

    Image to show where to edit Woo Price calculator

  2. Click on the “Conditional logic” button:
    • Enabled: If you want to enable the conditional logic, set it to “Yes”
    • Show or Hide fields: In the left box, add the fields you want to show on the product page. In the right box, add the fields that you want to hide on the product page.
    • Rules: Select the field you want to show/hide by clicking on “Edit”. In the modal box you can insert the rules that defined the behavior: If the field is shown/hidden and the rule is met, the field will be hidden/shown respectively. You can create complex rules by using this system.

Image of setting up a conditional logic in the WPC

Conditional logic will set "0" on mapped cells when input fields are hidden. This means you need to provide your Excel file a formula to manage it.


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