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Hika Price Calculator FAQ

If you can't find the right question for this plugin, please write us a presale question here.

How many fields can I create?

HPC Free and HPC Prod allow you to create unlimited fields.

How to install HikaPrice Calculator?

If you have already installed the Free version check the documentation here.

If you need to install the Free or Pro version for the first time check the documentation here.

Is HPC compatible with PHP 7?

Yes, HPC is compatible with PHP 7.

Does HPC stop working after the subscription expires?

No, HPC will continue working. But after subscription expires you don't have any support and you'll not be able to get further updates (new features or bugfixes).

How can I create/customize templates for my product page?

Please following the documentation here.

How can I create fields?

You can create fields by following the instructions here.

How can I create a mathematical formula for the calculator?

You can create the formula by following the instructions here

How can I create a calculator from excel?

You can create the calculator by following the instructions here

How can I customize the CSS style?

You can customize the CSS style by following the instructions here

How can I translate labels and values of fields?

You can find translation instructions here

How can I create conditional formulas?

You can do it with Excel Sheet. With Excel, you can write conditional formulas "=IF()" and assign inputs fields and output price to your products.
Take a look at our HPC PRO here

Can HPC calculate any excel formulas?

Check if your formula works in HPC uploading your spreadsheet file directly in our live demo.

Which supported spreadsheet formats can I use in HPC?

HPC allow you to upload Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice spreadsheet files.

Why does the price show as "0" or doesn't show on the product at all, if there is no default price set?

  • If the Fields are set as "required" and don't have a Default Value, when the product appears on the webpage,  the Fields will expect an input from the user before showing the price and if there is no value entered until then, the price will be calculated as "0". But the client won't be able to purchase until he sets up his choice on the fields. Try to set your fields as "Required" => No.

What are the available payment methods to buy WPC?

You can buy HPC using Paypal or Credit Card.


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