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6 - How to create fields

Prior to creating the calculator which will be used on the product's page, the fields that will be used by the visitor to calculate a final price must be created.

You can create two kinds of fields:

  • Input Fields: The visitors will use these kinds of fields to input values. For example, you can use these fields to request the visitor to input Height and Width
  • Output Fields: The visitors will see the result in these kinds of fields. You don't need to create the output field "Price" because it's the default output field. For example, you can use the output field(s) to show the Weight calculated to the user by using Height and Width he previously entered.


To create a new field:
  1. Click on the "Fields" folder
  2. Click on "New Field", which will show you the screen where a new field can be created:
    • Field Name: This is a read-only field. it's a unique identifier of your field which you can use inside your formulas as well.
    • * Field Label: This is the label that the field should have. The field will be shown in the product's folder, named with this label.
    • Short label: It's not mandatory, but you can write a short label for the field that will be shown in the cart. if empty the "Field Label" is used as default label.
    • Description: You can write a description here to help you remember what the field does.
    • * Field Mode: You can choose to create an input field or an output field
    • * Field Type: Based on the type of field selected, the information placed by you can be validated. See the Field Types chapter for more info.
    • Required: (only for Field Mode = "Input") If "Yes" the visitor is required to put a value in the field (Also "0" is considered an empty value).If not, the error message "Required Error Message" will be shown to the visitor. If "Required Error Message" is not set, then a default error message will be shown.
  3. Insert the information relative to the field type chosen. See the Field Types chapter for more info.
  4. Click on "Save"


The fields created should be useful for different calculators. A field can be used by more calculators, therefore creating the same fields multiple times, such as "height" and "width", is not necessary.

The "Search" field can be used to find a field with certain characteristics.

In the "Actions" column you can:

  • Edit: Change the field options.
  • Clone: Duplicate the field, this will let you create a new field with the same options.
  • Delete: Delete the field. Please pay attention, because this action is not reversible.

F.A.Q (constantly updated)

Will my Excel formulas work with PRO version?

Check if your formula works in WPC uploading your spreadsheet file directly in our live demo.

What help can I get from Altos Web Solutions Team?

Altos Web Solutions gives you any suggestion about the design, installation and configuration phase. You can ask support on Excel spreadsheet design and you can ask to see your web site to discover the reason why the plug-in does not work as expected If you need more, you can ask a quote for customization, insallation and any other needs here

Is the tax included in the price of the plug-in?

Our price are always shown before any taxation. If the final price is higher or not it depends from several reasons: country where you are buying from and also if you fill or not Tax Code and VAT ID fields. Generally speaking you should be the right person capable to sort out this question!

Does WPC stop working after subscription expiration date?

No, WPC will continue working. But after expiration date you cannot receive any free support and you'll not be able to download updated versions and bugfixes furthermore.

If I have more than 3 site how can I add them to my plan subscription?

You should buy again. Each payment is valid for 3 domain.

How much is the yearly renewal?

It's the same price you have to pay for the plug-in.

Are you from Turkey and do you want buy the pro version?

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What are the available payment methods to buy WPC?

You can buy WPC using Paypal or Credit Card.


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