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Designing an Excel file for WooPrice Calculator


Among the very common and the most regular complains coming from the clients is about the Excel file they use for the WPC formula.
Whether it is about the slow processing speed or complex calculation, it certainly affects the performance of the calculator.
To handle such issues and provide a guideline in advance, our team of experts has created an Excel template which can be mapped or used for almost every kind of Excel formula which you want to write for your WooPrice Calculator.

Have a look at the Excel file (Image) below:

perfect excel wpc

As you can see the Excel file is divided into 5 columns:

  • Field Type

This column is only to highlight what kind of fields are there in the corresponding Field value column.
Whether it is an Input field, output field or an Intermediate formula (all these are explained in further in the article)

  • Field Prompt

This column just contains the prompts regarding the fields. These prompts can be the same as set in the WPC fields or any other to describe the purpose of the field.

  • Comment

This column contains only some helping comments regarding the corresponding fields and intermediate formula. The purpose is just to explain something important which could be helpful to understand the fields or the intermediate formula.

  • Field Value

There can be 2 types of fields in any calculator.

  • Input field: The input field is displayed on the product’s page and end customer enters his choice in it, which eventually is used to calculate the product price.
  • Final output field: The final output field is the one which is mapped against the final price of the product after the calculation. This field contains the ultimate formula for price calculation using the Intermediate formulas.

Intermediate Formula: It is the formula which is calculating some intermediate values using the input fields, but it is not the final calculation. Instead, these intermediate formulas’ values will be used by the “Final output field” calculation.
The purpose of Intermediate Formula is to make the calculation simpler, easier to understand and less complex. Sometimes when the final calculation formula is very complex and large, it is very hard to find out or fix even a minor issue or make an improvement. Creating multiple intermediate formulas makes the overall calculation process very much understandable and proves to be very helpful in case of fixing any issue or making an improvement in the formula.
  • Changed Formula

This column is to be used by our experts in case a client comes up asking for the help with the intentions of improvement or fixing any issue in his formula. The changed/improved formula will be placed by our experts in this column, in the corresponding row.

It is important that you highlight the fields and formulas in your excel sheet exactly the way it is done in the above template.
It provides better readability and understandability to you and to our experts as well, in case you need some help with the Excel formula.
Input Fields (Types and Field Values) are highlighted in green.
Final output Field is highlighted in blue
Intermediate Formulas are highlighted in gray.



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